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Tiny widget to collect feedback, anywhere on your website. That's it. Open-source and fully flexible.
Feedback Widget
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Plug in with a few lines of code

Add a script and place a button anywhere on your website.
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Open-source. Free.
Fully customizable.

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Spreadsheet UI for database with Rowy

Build workflows with Rowy

Create instant Webhook URL for your widget, start collecting data on a powerful spreadsheet UI and create any automations.
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Fully customizable

Fork and customize the widget any way you want

Super lightweight

The widget is truely tiny. See package stats

Dark mode supported

Of course, we support dark theme :)

Powerful dashboard

Generate webhook URL instantly, collect insights and collaborate with your team on Rowy

Automate tasks

Act on feedback with flexible automations with code editor, all in your browser

Free forever

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